English Setter, 7 Years Old

Isel is a gorgeous seven year old female English Setter, date of birth 28/08/2014.

Isel was handed into the shelter by a hunter as she was no longer wanted. The photos were taken on the day she arrived and she is a little lost, she obviously was confused to be left somewhere new and was looking for her family. It seems she had a good relationship with her family and was used to spending time with them.

Isel has a special feature, she has a fallen ear which occurred at her birth. Sadly Isel’s mother died during the birth, the pups were pulled from her and they all died apart from Isel. Her ear was pulled as she was taken out of her mother’s body and she has had a fallen ear ever since.

Isel is a very sociable dog, she gets on well with male and female dogs and at the moment she shares a kennel with Lola. Isel has a very sweet nature.

Isel is very attached to people, she may be a little shy at first but then once she gains some confidence she is very affectionate.