English Setter, 12 Years Old

Iris is a 12 year old English Setter, DOB 04.09.10

Iris’ hunter took her to the vets since since she was ill but it turned out it was pyometra. Since she was old already, her hunter didn’t want to spend any money on her but the lovely veterinary clinic decided to help her anyway and operated to save her. She’s been at the clinic waiting for a home for a year with no luck since people in Spain don’t tend to adopt older gundogs as family pets so they’ve asked for help and she’s not in foster with one of the wonderful shelters we work with

Her foster mum says she’s a Velcro dog (at least in the house!). She’s extremely affectionate and leans on you and would quite happily stay there all day! She’s very calm and gets on well with all the other dogs in the house. Despite her years, she is very happy when she’s out on a walk and does little jumps and skips as she goes

She’s a little overweight at the moment so she’s trying to lose weight and the increased exercised is doing her a world of good since she’s building muscle on her legs as well. She didn’t have much exercise previously as she lived in the vet clinic, even at night. She’s also on joint supplements now and is improving a lot as she loses weight and her back legs strengthen

Iris is looking for a lovely, calm home where she can enjoy the rest of her days in comfort