Indio, 9 year old, Pachon Navarro

Indio was saved from a pound where he had been waiting for months and when he was taken out he was skin and bones (see photo). He’s better now but still waiting for that lovely home with humans of his own to give him cuddles. He is a cuddly, affectionate boy (which is typical of the Pachon Navarro breed, they’re know for being very good-natured). He’s great with female dogs but is grumpy with males (understandable at his age and all he’s been through) so would do best as an only dog or living with a female/s. He’s not good with cats so needs a cat-free home. He has osteo-arthritis thanks to the awful life he’s had and when he arrived he was very stiff in his legs. After having had joint supplements for several months he’s much better and can run around a little now.

The Pachon Navarro is a traditional Spanish pointer breed, it was nearly extinct until some hunters brought it back recently. They are used for hunting birds in Spain and are known for having an exceptionally good temperament. Some (including Indio) have a very unique double nose.

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