Hot Diggity Dog- 10 ways to keep your dog cool in summer

As summer approaches, we all love to be outside having fun in the sun with our dogs, but it’s incredibly important to make sure we keep them safe too


Heatstroke is extremely dangerous for dogs and can become fatal in a matter of minutes. Unlike us, dogs can’t sweat through their skin, they rely on panting and using the pads of their paws and their nose to regulate their temperature.

The diagrams below show the signs and symptoms of heatstroke. Familiarise yourself with the warning signs. If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, move them immediately to a cool shady spot, preferably with a breeze and wet their fur with cool water and contact your vet right away.

10 ways to keep your dog cool

  1. Ensure your dog has a constant supply of fresh water and take water with you on your dog walks so they can have a water break.
  2. Walk your dog at cooler times of day, take short walks and plan your route. You may want to walk where there is more shade or somewhere where there is water so they can have a dip to keep cool.
  3. Consider cooling mats* or raised beds* to keep your dog extra cool while they take a break
  4. Cooling collars, bandanas* and coats help to keep your dog cool and are especially useful for walks.
  5. Ice treats such as frozen bone broth will help keep your dog cool and dehydrated
  6. Never shave your dog. Let their natural coat do the job it was designed for. Read more about why here.
  7. Treat your dog to a paddling pool or water sprinkler for the garden!
  8. Make sure they have access to shade outside and consider a fan in the house
  9. Be careful of hot pavements. If it’s too hot to touch with your hand comfortably, then it’s too hot for your dogs feet.
  10. Never leave your dog unattended in the car. On an average summer’s day, the inside temperature of a car can reach 47°C within an hour.

Warning: Beware of water intoxication. Too much water can cause imbalances, leading to dog’s becoming over hydrated. Although rare, this can be fatal to dogs.

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