English Setter 3 Years Old

UPDATE: Horca arrived in UK foster in Essex in July. She’s living with 2 resident setters, cats and a child and doing really well.

Here’s what her foster mum has to say about her

“What a little cuddle monster. Her favourite place is snuggled up on top of or next to a human on the sofa. She has no sense of personal space and thinks she is a lapdog – as soon as you sit down she’s clambering all over for fuss and attention. We are working on the jumping up and pretending to be a koala! She has commandeered the sofa and during the day will happily snooze there on her own (whilst I’m in my office at the other end of the house) or just outside my office until it’s time for a walk. She’s well behaved in the car when we do go out and just curls up on the back seat. Once on a walk, she does pull a bit on the lead but we are working on that. No issues with meeting other dogs although she can get quite excited to meet a new one and can be a little shy with new humans. We have been to a secure field a few times and she enjoys a run around and chasing birds.”

Horca lives with cats at the moment and is quite interested but she could live with dog savvy confident cats with proper introductions. She’s not hugely food orientated but needs to lose a little bit of weight anyway at the moment. She loves water and is partial to a dip in the garden pond!! Horca is a delightful girl and we think she’d actually be ok as an only dog with lots of human company

HISTORY: Horca is a three year old female English Setter, date of birth 06/06/19.

Horca was another of the many excess hunting dogs handed to the shelter because she was no longer wanted. She is initially rather shy but she soon gains a little confidence and is very sweet and affectionate.

Her hunter said she was not sociable with other dogs, but at the shelter she has mixed happily with other dogs and she shares a kennel with the setters Maury and Gallo with whom she gets along very well.

Horca is very obedient within the confinds of the shelter, but it would no doubt be different on an exciting walk.

Horca & Maury
Horca & Maury
Horca & Maury
Horca & Maury