Pachon Navarro, 5 years old

Henry was about to end up in an awful kill shelter until some kind soles intervened. He is a Pachon Navarro which is a traditional Spanish pointer breed, sometimes they have a split nose, sometimes they have a more normal doggy nose like Henry. They are shorter in the leg than other types of pointers and stocky and are known for being really good-natured. He is a sweetie, currently in foster with a female German Shepherd who bosses him around and he doesn’t react at all. He’s active, loves his walks and cuddly and affectionate. Shortly after rescuing him they realised he had a big lump on his belly and opened him up to find he had a bone in there (see photo), nobody understands how on earth that happened and the poor thing must have been in quite a lot of pain. His wound has healed up now. He is 55cm tall (to the shoulder) and 105cm lng (from his nose to his bottom).