Keith Swindell, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Counsellor based in Manchester, who works in private practice treating anxiety conditions has decided to help us fundraise!

As someone who has worked for a considerable time within the world of CBT and the NHS, Keith understands that getting access to NHS or charity funded psychological therapies is very difficult, with waiting lists of sometimes more than 12 months. Accessing private health care is usually prohibitively expensive for most people. This leaves many people who suffer with anxiety unable to get the help the need.

With this in mind, Keith is offering anyone who is a member of the SeBPRA Facebook group access to his services on a private basis provided that a donation is made to SeBPRA. Keith has asked that people donate themselves, so he won’t benefit financially. The donation rate is around a third of his therapy rate i.e. £20 -£25 per hour.

This is just a small attempt to help out SePBRA, whilst also helping members to overcome what can be very difficult times. Please feel free to contact Keith if you are interested.

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