Healthy dog treats that won’t break the bank

It’s becoming more and more easy to get tasty, natural and healthy treats for our dogs, free of any preservatives and additives. While this is great news for our dogs, it’s not always great news for our bank balance!

A tasty (and often smelly!) treat is often the key to recall training and we can find ourselves spending a small fortune finding which ones our dog deems worthy enough to come back for. Once we’ve finally discovered the magic treat, we then go through them like they are going out of fashion.

So is there a more cost effective way of doing it?


Dehydrated and freeze dried are two very popular buzz words in the pet food industry at the moment. These are natural treats which have been preserved in a way that doesn’t include adding any unwanted chemicals to them. These treats also tend to be on the more expensive end of the spectrum for a relatively small amount of treats

You can pick up your own dehydrator relatively inexpensively, such as this one*. Once you have a dehydrator, treats become a whole lot cheaper! And the great thing is that you known exactly what your dog is eating. Even better, it’s really easy, just pop them in the dehydrator and leave them drying!

SeBPRA Top 8 Easy Dog Treats

  1. Diced ox heart- dehydrate at 70°C for 10-12 hours
  2. Sliced beef liver– dehydrate at 70°C for 10-12 hours
  3. Chicken jerky– half defrost a chicken breast and cut into slices. Dehydrate at 70°C for 8-12 hours. Place on a baking tray and oven blast for 3 mins at 150°C
  4. Mussels– dehydrate cooked mussels at 70°C for 10-12 hours
  5. Sprats– dehydrate at 70°C for 24-36 hour
  6. Sweet potato chews– thinly slice sweet potatoes and dehydrate at 50-55°C until crispy
  7. Whole chicken hearts– dehydrate at 70°C for approx 12 hours
  8. Apple crisps– thinly slice apples and dehydrate at 50-55°C until crispy

All of these ingredients can be found in your local supermarket, with Morrisons offering a great selection of diced and sliced offal

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