Female Spanish Hound 2 Years Old

Greta is a gorgeous young female slightly-wirehaired hound. She has recently had a DNA test which shows she is a real mixture, mainly Segugio Italiano and Podenco. Greta is just coming up to her second birthday, her date of birth is 08/12/20. She is currently near Newcastle.

Greta is a very intelligent and dexterous girl, she would be an amazing companion for someone who wants to train and work with her to her full potential. She could excel at scent work. Someone with time and patience would be extremely well rewarded. She has great working drive, she is nimble and clever, as well as being very affectionate and so pretty.

Greta adores people, she is very sweet, she comes and asks for an ear or belly rub and she is very gentle. She can be nervous of new people, but as soon as she trusts them she is affectionate and quickly forms a strong bond. She loves company and would suit someone who wants a dog with them all day, doing stuff together.

Greta loves other dogs and plays like mad. She can be quite relentless in her play, so she needs other dogs she lives with to be playful and also bold enough to tell her when they have had enough. Greta particularly likes tug of war and chase. She plays really well, although boisterously with other dogs, she plays equally, she gives and takes notice of play queues from other dogs. She loves the company of other dogs and follows them around all the time, she would love a home with another dog however we feel she could also live as an only dog if she had regular dog company and someone around all day for companionship.

Greta LOVES a squeaky toy, but due to her young age still likes to shred toys after a while. She also likes to chew bone type toys, she loves to gnaw. Antlers, horns and coffee wood dog sticks seem to be favourites.

Greta is really loves her walks and runs. In secure areas she loves to run and sniff and play, however she does have a high prey drive and has a particular interest in squirrels, cats, rabbits and birds, as you would expect with her breed, so many walks are on long lines. Greta walks well on the lead, although of course she may pull if she sees something exciting and she is a strong dog.

Greta can be very playful at home, she loves something to do, she is a clever dog and learns quickly, so she would be great at someone wanting to do scent classes or lots of enrichment and training at home. She is a clever girl and has learnt how to open draws and get up onto work tops so she can get up to mischief. Greta is active and intelligent and she loves something to do, if there is nothing to do she will find her own entertainment. She sometimes tries to mouth in an attempt to get people to play, so she would not be suitable for a home with young children.

Greta loves her bed (or sofa) and sleeps downstairs through the night with the other dogs. She also loves to snooze, particularly if she is cuddled up against one of her humans. Greta is toilet trained (although expect some initial accidents due to stress and also she hates going out in the rain).

Greta goes out for a run regularly in her current home, she does not yet pull much but we think she could be a great canicross companion with some time and training.

Greta arrived in the UK in February, and she has been through foster and adoption homes, but sadly through no fault of her own, she is available for adoption again. Her first home said “Greta is very sweet and loving, great around other dogs. She loves snuggling up to humans and sleeps in the funniest positions! She has a cheeky and inquisitive nature and is a very gentle girl. She is a bundle of bouncy energy and fun.”

Originally Greta was found on the streets and rescued by a young couple who brought her to the shelter we work with in the north of Spain. Greta is a young dog with a sweet nature, she is very affectionate; she adores people and loves to be cuddled. Greta gets on very well with other dogs, with whom she loves to play. She is constantly looking for human company, she is very attached to people.

We are looking for an active rural home with lots of human company and maybe a friendly dog. Greta is very interested in cats, so a cat free home.

Greta & Friends
Greta & Friends
Greta & Friends
Greta & Friend
Greta & Friend
Greta – dexterous and clever
Greta on long line walk

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