Female Spanish Hound 2 Years Old

Greta is a gorgeous young female slightly-wirehaired hound. She has recently had a DNA test which shows she is a real mixture, mainly Segugio Italiano and Podenco. Greta is just two years old, her date of birth is 08/12/20. She is currently in kennels in Newcastle upon Tyne and we would love to get her into a home before Christmas. The poor girl has had a really bad run of luck since she arrived in the UK in February and it’s about time she got her forever home and found some stability she deserves (and hopefully some presents under the tree too!)

Greta is a very unique girl. For starters, she is absolutely stunning and turns heads wherever she goes, she’s a real conversation starter! She’s an absolute pleasure on walks, nothing much phases her and she’s great with other dogs, making the cutest little squeak of excitement when she sees a dog in the distance she just can’t wait to say hello to! She gets free time in the secure field with other dogs at the kennels and she’s great with everyone there too. She’s a very sociable girl and we think she’d love to live with another dog if possible as she just adores every dog she meets! She can be a tiny bit shy with people at first but it doesn’t take long to win her around, particularly if your pockets are laced with treats, and she gives the best welcomes and cuddles. Once she knows you, she will stand on her back legs to give you a proper hug, gently placing her paws on you and enjoying all the attention she can get, she’s an absolute sweetheart. She’s very calm around strangers on walks though and has also lived with children before.

She’s a super clever girl and is really eager to learn. Pair that with the fact she’s a piggy when it comes to food, she’s going to make a brilliant training buddy! She’s good on her lead although will pull once she has a smell which you would expect but she has so much potential for lead training and is always up for some treats on even very interesting walks so with some time and patience, she’ll make a great walking companion. She hasn’t been off her lead other than in a secure field (which she adores!) so we aren’t sure what her recall is like but she does have some signs of promising recall when on lead but of course this could be different once she’s off lead!

Originally Greta was found on the streets and rescued by a young couple who brought her to the shelter we work with in the north of Spain. What Greta needs now is a home to call her own, somewhere that will give her stability and routine so she can thrive. Having been through so many homes now through no fault of her own, it’s time for her luck to change. She will make an amazing companion in the right home. It’s hard not to fall in love with Greta, she’s a clever, well rounded girl with a cheeky streak and you spend your time with her flipping between wanting to cuddle her and laugh at her!

Greta’s adoption fee is £400 and the usual adoption process applies

Greta & Friends
Greta & Friends
Greta & Friends
Greta & Friend
Greta – dexterous and clever
Greta on long line walk