Pointer X Pachon Navarro, 2 Years Old

Poor Gaston has been waiting since May last year in a shelter in Spain and he’s pretty stressed out there. We think he is a cross between a Pointer and a Pachon Navarro (a traditional Spanish pointer known for having an amazingly good temperament). He is very cuddly and affectionate with people he knows, with men he’s a bit unsure to start with and especially when he’s at the shelter, he gains confidence when he is away from there. He’s great with other dogs, sometimes he’s a bit bossy but when put in his place he stops. He is young and full of beans, he loves running through the countryside, doesn’t seem to have much prey drive but that could change. The poor thing just needs a home of his own with regular exercise and a human to care for him.

With cats he’s interested and barks at them but we think handled properly he’d learn to live with them.

You can see videos of Gaston here

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