Brittany 7 Years Old

Gala is a very lovely seven year old female Brittany, her date of birth is 04/01/16. She is now in foster in Cheshire, living with another Brittany. Her foster mum says “She is the cuddliest dog I have ever known and a complete darling.”

Gala is such a happy, friendly, sweet natured girl. She loves people, always ready with a cheerful greeting and choosing to relax close by. She adores her walks, finding exciting smells and snuffling in the long grass.

Soon after Gala arrived in foster it became apparent that after a lot of exercise or steep stairs one of her back legs was painful. Investigations by the vet have revealed an old injury in her rear right leg which was operated on at the time. It has left her with osteoarthritis in her right hip and knee. The vet has put her on anti-inflammatories and recommended that her condition is managed with short and more frequent walks, avoiding stairs and jumping up, rather than any further surgery.

We are looking for a special home for Gala, someone who enjoys the company of their dog all day, and can be flexible around her needs. She can live in a home with other dogs or as an only dog with lots of human companionship.

Her foster mum says “Gala is such a sweetheart and a very loving and friendly dog. Although she isn’t a pup anymore, she gets excited for her walks and loves being outside sniffing interesting smells and having a good forage around. She does a very cute happy dance when her lead and harness come out. She is already pretty good on the lead and doesn’t pull much, and is getting better as she understands more about what is expected. Gala is very clever and quick to learn commands and new habits. Although Gala hasn’t lived in a house before, she has adapted nicely to indoor living and is very good at letting you know when she needs to go outside. Her ability to go longer between toilet breaks is growing as she gets more used to being a house dog.

“Gala loves to be around people and is good with older children. She is well behaved with our resident dog, but could probably also work well as an only dog. Gala likes lots of petting and is quite happy to sleep for most of the day after her morning walk. She is very cute and goes off to find a teddy to take to bed with her.

“We have had Gala a short time, but she is already getting fitter and has told us that she is looking forward to losing a few pounds now that she is living a slightly more active lifestyle than when in kennels. Gala is a beautiful dog who is going to thrive with a family who can reciprocate with all of the love that she has to give.”

Gala was handed into the Spanish shelter by a local hunter along two setters. The shelter described Gala as a very cheerful dog, trusting with people, always ready to receive cuddles and caresses. Gala is also very obedient within the kennels. Gala has shared her kennel with various dogs, she gets along well with them although she sometimes forgets about personal space and just barges through.

Gala & Vara
Gala & Vara

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