German Wirehaired Pointer, 7 Years Old

We were asked to help poor Frida in the spring of 2019 and it took forever to get her released from the pound where she was. Prior to being dumped in the pound the poor thing had been used as a breeding machine we’re told. When they finally let her out of the pound in August she wasn’t in great shape with anaemia and was pretty thin. We paid for her to be in kennels thanks to the people who donate money every month and in December she went into a foster home.

She is fit and well now. Her foster Mum says “She is a very sweet-natured dog, initially she was a bit insecure, not surprisingly after the rubbish life she’s had and lots of time in an awful pound and so many changes, but after a month she settled right in and is pretty calm now. She loves her walks and is starting to go further away when off the lead so needs work on her recall as most gundogs do. She has moments of being very playful and puppy-like, it seems like the poor thing didn’t get a chance to play and have fun before being rescued. She also loves the company of other dogs and would do best with a canine buddy or two. She enjoys her food and is loving the raw food diet here. She behaves herself with the cats but would love to chase after them in play if she didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.”

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