English Setter, 2 Years Old

Frida is a gorgeous 2 year old English setter, DOB 26/03/18

Frida has been at the shelter a little while. She’s got hip dysplasia so wasn’t wanted by her hunter but they wanted to make sure she didn’t need any treatment. At the moment, she doesn’t. She lives a totally normal life and is as crazy as any other working setter! She spends the day running around with the other dogs at the shelter and is still very active.

She’s a very sweet girl and gets on really well with the other dogs. Whenever people arrive at the shelter, she has to have a fuss and keeps coming back for more in-between running around!

Frida can live a very full life despite her hip dysplasia but adopters should know how to manage this so she isn’t doing long periods of strenuous exercise and joint supplements may help, especially as she gets older

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