English Setter, 6 Years Old

This very handsome boy is Freddie, a 6 year old English Setter. He’s currently in County Durham and looking for a new home. He moved 2 weeks ago after a failed adoption but sadly he’s not doing well with the resident cats. The lady where he is at the moment says he’s the best dog in the world (other than with the cats!) and is really upset to see him go.

Freddie’s first mum describes him as a gorgeous, playful and incredibly affectionate boy. He loves cuddles and is a very good boy around the house. In true setter style, he absolutely adores pigeons and squirrels so he is walked on a lead at all times but they take him to a secure field regularly which he loves and his recall there has been improving.

Freddie is good with other dogs. He doesn’t currently live with another dog but he has stayed with other dogs when visiting friends and has always been very accepting so he could be rehomed as an only dog or with a resident dog in the house.

He has lived with cats before but we are looking for a cat free home or somebody very experienced in cat introductions who can keep them safe and separated for however long is needed

Sadly what poor Freddie struggles with most is that he can feel insecure while sleeping which, while not uncommon with rescue dogs, is proving really difficult to manage safely in a home with a small child despite his adopters best efforts. When Freddie is awake they adore each other and play together beautifully, he sits for the small boy and takes treats gently but can be very startled when he wakes. He is absolutely fine with the adults in the house and adores his mum in particular who is heartbroken to let him go but we all feel it’s the best decision for all involved

Freddie was originally called Lord and rehomed in July 2020.

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