Irish Setters, 2 Years Old

Fearghall (red collar) and Faolan (yellow collar) are two stunning Irish setters just turning 2 years old, DOB 08.10.18

UPDATE: Fearghall and Faolan were adopted together in UK, but the resident dog has not been able to accept them and the adopters have taken the devastating decision to ask us to rehome them. The boys can be rehomed together but due to their very strong prey drive, we would consider separating them so they are easier to manage. If they are separated, they will both only be homed with resident dogs, not as only dogs. These boys are both an absolute delight, they are totally adorable and lovely boys however they need determined adopters who can cope with their prey drive outside of the house. They need a lot of work on their lead walking (see video below which doesn’t quite convey the effort it takes to walk them) and enclosed fields to train recall and burn off some steam. Canicross would also be a great way to exercise these two

The adopters say “We’ve had Faolan and Fearghall now for ten days, and they are very sweet boys, fully house-trained, affectionate, perfectly behaved in the house, and wonderful with other dogs that we meet outside the home. We are devastated to let them go as these boys are pure gold. 

These delightful little Irish Setters are affectionate, playful and fun-loving.  They are a pair of jokers of extremely high energy and will need energetic adopters to cope with their needs.  

They are completely clean in the house and settle well to recharge after exercise and food. They like to sit with you in the evening and soon settle. They counter-surf occasionally, but only if food is left out.  They haven’t chewed or destroyed anything, to date. They enjoy meeting other dogs,  

They are litter siblings, but haven’t shown any negative signs of unhealthy interdependence.  Fearghall is slightly bossy with Faolan, but that has only been apparent at meal times and it’s not an aggressive dominance, more of just a change of posture, to which Faolan responds by walking away.  

Their indoor behaviour however, belies their outdoor needs – they pull like fury on the lead, but are more controllable and responsive when walked separately, as they excite each other when together.  Their ‘sit’ and recall in the house and garden is good and they respond well to two short blows of an Acme gun dog whistle, to which they come running and sit, expecting a treat.   

These are intelligent dogs, and will learn quickly, but their prey-drive is extremely strong, so will need absolute commitment to patient training from their adopters, if they are to ever be let off the lead – which they will need eventually if they are to lead a full life.

Both dogs are desperate for affection, but give plenty back – especially Fearghall, who loves to be cuddled and likes to gaze into your eyes then have a quick lick of your chin! Faolan is a very obliging little dog and is more forthcoming when his brother is not at the forefront. He’s got a very open, smiley face and with lots of attention and love, will come into his own eventually.

Faolan will come to the whistle as he wants the treat. Fearghall will if there isn’t anything more interesting going on.

They both like their Kongs and spend ages trying to lick paste out of them.

They settle beautifully in the evening and sleep for most of it, when not cuddling on the sofa. Nightimes are undisturbed.

They are friendly towards other and dogs and people when out walking and every dog walker we come across comments on how beautiful they are.”

PREVIOUSLY … They get on really well with other dogs in the shelter. They are super affectionate and are just desperate for constant attention! Fearghall can be bossy with Faolan so we are happy to split them but it would benefit both to have another dog in the home.

Fearghall is very energetic, he absolutely loves to run. He can be protective of food due to his past life so he should be fed separately from any other dogs in his new home

Fearghall and Faolan are looking for active adopters with plenty of time and experience with setters (or willingness to learn).

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