Irish Setters, 2 Years Old

Fearghall (red collar) and Faolan (yellow collar) are two stunning Irish setters just turning 2 years old, DOB 08.10.18

They were given to the shelter by their hunter who said they weren’t very good at hunting. They are fantastic boys, very cheerful, beautiful and full of life.

They get on really well with other dogs in the shelter. They are super affectionate and are just desperate for constant attention! Fearghall can be bossy with Faolan so we are happy to split them but it would benefit both to have another dog in the home.

Fearghall is very energetic, he absolutely loves to run. He can be protective of food due to his past life so he should be fed separately from any other dogs in his new home

Fearghall and Faolan are looking for active adopters with plenty of time and experience with setters (or willingness to learn).