English Setter, 1 Years Old

Evo is a 1 year old english setter, DOB 20.04.18

Evo and Eto were given to the shelter by their hunter owner because they weren’t good hunters. We think they are brothers but we’re not sure. 

Neither of them know how to walk on a lead at the moment. 

The poor boys have been really mistreated. They thrown themselves to the floor in fear of being hit if you raise your hand to stroke them. Even so, they love to have a fuss when they realties you’re not going to hurt them and they just need somebody with the patience to show them they don’t need to be scared any more. They’re very affectionate once they trust you.

They’re both sharing a kennel with other dogs and are very sociable. 

Evo is the more confident of the pair but it would be lovely to find them a home together so they don’t have to go through the trauma of being separated on top of the rough start they’ve had