Elsa and Kami English Setters

We currently have three English Setters; two of them are Spanish girls, who came into our lives thanks Pepe and the team. I had approached ESRA three years ago and they were in contact with Pepe who had Elsa in foster with a wonderful foster home. Pepe arranged everything for Elsa and I have been in contact with her ever since. Elsa was a stray that had been found on the streets, very thin and frightened.  She arrived with us in the early hours of the morning. She was so scared she could not even stand.

My husband took Apple, our rehomed English Setter upstairs, and I laid on the settee letting Elsa get used to me for a long while, Then she suddenly came up to me, put her head on the pillow next to mine and stayed there till I got up.  She met Apple in the morning.  I can’t say it was love at first sight, as Apple was showing Elsa who was going to be boss; but very soon they settled down together.

Elsa was very nervous about where she slept to begin with, always making sure that she was against a wall and in a tight ball.  She was terrible to walk as she just froze when a car went past her.  She adapted very well and after a few weeks, she was sleeping in typical setter pose, flat on her back on a settee.  

She walks brilliantly on a lead but I would not let her off lead unless we are in the local secure dog field.  In May last year a photo of Kami appeared on the SeBPRA page, looking very sad and unloved.  She had been taken to a vet to be put down, but the wonderful vet and his nurse saved her and placed her in their shelter.  Kami had spent her entire life in a cage having pups.  She would not have been everyone’s first choice, as she was ten years old.  We read her story and fell for her immediately.  We knew she was the one for us.  Everything went very smoothly with the adoption. Sarah was wonderful and kept us informed throughout and sent photos of her while we waited for her to arrive.  

When we introduced her to Apple and Elsa, Apple was the same as she was when Elsa arrived and determined to retain her position.  Elsa just took to her immediately and is totally responsible for the house training.  Everywhere Elsa went Kami followed and copied her.  Kami wakes up every morning just full of happiness.  She is loved so much and is my shadow.  She is nothing like a dog of her years and just loves life.  A life that could have been taken from her without Tati and her vet. 

Adopting from SeBPRA is so easy, the team are marvellous and all care so much for these poor Spanish dogs.  Our three girls have all had previous lives, Apple came from a very good home in England, but Elsa and Kami must have had awful lives.  It takes love and patience to bring out the best in rescued dogs, but they are so forgiving of humans and give so much devotion and total love back. We have had English Setters for 36 years, but It will only be old Spanish dogs for us from now on.