English Setter, 11 Years Old

This lovely older lady is Eli, she’s 11 years old DOB 20.06.20

Eli was with a hunter before she arrived at the shelter and has been hunting for most of her life, even as she got older. The shelter say the hunter transports his dogs in awful conditions and in very small conditions. He squashed poor Eli in a cage with a hyper puppy so she did what most older dogs would do and put the puppy in it’s place. The puppy no longer wants to go out hunting because last time, it was stuffed in a small cage with a dog and they had no room, and of course poor Eli is getting the blame- she’s old and doesn’t fit in the cages so she has to go! Although it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to her!

She’s at the shelter now, she’s just arrived but they say she has a really sweet character and she’s sociable with the other dogs too. She loves to run around outside but since she’s a bit older, she is quite happy to have some peace and quiet after that and she likes a good routine. She shares her kennel with another dog and they get on really well She’s very attached to people and is obedient, at least in the shelter environment!

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