A couple of months before we were even thinking of  looking for another dog the SeBPRA team were hard at work rescuing Dylan.  They had been made aware of a young dog being kept in awful conditions and his hunter wanted to put him to sleep.   There was an appeal and following the very kind donations were able to bring Dylan to their shelter.  He did not even have a name at that point and following a vote for a name, Dylan was the most popular!  

We had sadly lost both our beloved boys within a few months of each other after 10 inseparable years together and having always adopted rescue dogs found ourselves in the position of looking for a new companion for Daisy, our 6 month old Golden Retriever.   She was used to having the company of another dog around and this is when we came across the SeBPRA site.  

There were so many dogs in need of a loving home but there was something about the look in Dylan’s eyes that drew us to him.  We sent through our application form followed by a video chat, Sarah was so lovely and our minds were made up, although at that time there had been a lot of interest in Dylan and we were not sure if we would be lucky enough to adopt him. 

The home check soon followed and we just had to be patient to wait for Dylan to travel over to the UK (fortunately he was able to travel in the next 2-3 weeks).    Sarah was also kind enough to send us photos & videos from their trip to the shelter the week before Dylan was due to travel, which was lovely to receive.

Then came our “D” day at the end of July 2018 and we could not wait for him to arrive.  Watching the journey over the next 24 hours or so became an obsession and then finally the time arrived, when we picked him up and we first saw him we thought “what a dear little thing”, he looked so tiny but from Day 1  Dylan showed us what a tough little cookie he is,  quite a confident boy and following his introduction with Daisy, they both just trotted into the house without a second thought & started playing.  Daisy was thrilled to have a playmate again and this really helped Dylan settle in the early days.   

So we now have our double trouble! We absolutely love Dylan to bits, he makes us laugh every day, he is cheeky, so clever, cuddly and loves his toys, the garden is always full of them! Thank you. 

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