English Setter, 1 year old

Duque is a 1 year old English setter, born 10.03.19

Duque was dumped in an awful pound by his hunter owner. The vet there knew the hunter and he had wanted to breed from Duque so he’d had his hips x-rayed and they’d found he had very mild hip dysplasia so the hunter had no use for him anymore.

He’s now at a lovely shelter in the north of Spain. He’s had his hips checked and they found he had good muscular tone and normal mobility. He had actually started training with his hunter and has spent a lot of time being very active and had no problems. He’s also had no problems since he arrived at the shelter. Both the vet from the pound and the shelter’s vets agree that since he’s asymptomatic at the moment, it makes no sense to give him any treatment. They think that his hips would perhaps get worse in the future and need intervention if he used to hunt and therefore very active but at the moment, the don’t think he’ll need any treatment as a pet who enjoys nice walks and playing but no really strenuous exercise. In fact, his hips are so good at the moment that they haven’t even recommended any joint supplements since he doesn’t need them but they do say it would be a good idea when he’s older

He has a wonderful character. He’s very very sociable but also respectful of both male and female dogs. It can take him a few days to warm to a new dog but he always does. He loves to play with anybody who will play with him but he also has a calmer side and happily goes back to his kennel for a snooze too. He likes to lie in his bed with his blanket which he doesn’t destroy, he’s quite obedient in the shelter.

When he first arrived at the shelter, he didn’t trust people but he changed almost immediately. We think he’d do well in a home with another dog though so he has a buddy to play with and also to help him settle and trust his new humans.

He’s a very cheerful boy, he loves people and is very affectionate. He walks quite well on his lead at the moment although he does show some interest in birds but the shelter say he’s actually more interested in playing than anything else (for now at least!)

Duque & Kira
Duque & Sil
Duque & Friends
Duque & Friends
Duque & Floette
Duque & Florette

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