Seeing Floretteā€™s little black and white face convinced us immediately- but seeing Duque we knew we needed both!

Having lost a setter a few months previous we had been toying with the idea of getting a new dog for a while but lockdown hit and everything had to be paused. This gave us the opportunity to really consider what we wanted. We initially found SeBPRA randomly via Pets4Homes. It was the best discovery we ever made.

Initially Florette stole our heart but scrolling through we then found Duque and the decision between the two was impossible. The interview process was both easy and friendly and the SeBPRA team answered all the questions we had and reaffirmed our belief that two dogs would be a good and manageable idea. We also asked for some advice on looking after a deaf dog (Florette) as this is something we had no knowledge of previously. The Sebpra team were incredible throughout.

We waited for 6 weeks before they were able to make their trip and the whole family (5 adults) came to collect them from the collection spot- the ease of it was remarkable considering how far they had come. We were able to track the trip throughout and received updates too.

Many would think that rescuing two dogs at the same time would be a handful and yes there have been some teething problems but the benefits outweigh them massively. Florette is the most confident and sassy dog we have ever met and Duque started out being very shy but that is definitely no longer the case and is definitely gaining confidence from Florette. The relationship they have is heartwarming to watch.

Setters have a beautiful and loving nature but the love that these dogs have for us is indescribable. You can see it in their faces how happy they are to be with us and there is nothing that compares to that feeling of joy.

If you are going from having a dog-free home to adopting one dog and you have the means to adopt two I would 100% recommend- the reward is beyond words.

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