Pointer Cross, 3 Years Old

Dino is currently in Gloucester

Dino was rescued from Central Spain over 2 years ago. He’s a very handsome boy, but poor Dino struggles with life. It’s a lot to take on when you’ve grown up not seeing the world and, whilst most of the dogs we home take all the changes in their stride, the world is still a confusing and scary place for Dino

Dino really struggled in the shelter in Spain, he was very highly strung and he really needed the love of a home. He found a really lovely home and travelled almost 2 years ago after a reasonably long wait in the shelter. The poor boy arrived very shut down and didn’t move far for the first month other than the conservatory and the garden. 

His adopters have worked very hard while he’s been with them and more recently sought advice from a behaviourist, but what has become clear is that they don’t have the right set up for Dino. They are really distraught and this has not been an easy decision for them. 

Dino is a very special boy. He loves playing, his favourite are squeaky tennis balls and he also loves a tug toy which he’ll pick up and bring to his adopters to let them know it’s play time! He’s also great at entertaining himself, he’ll happily go off and play with toys on his own, shaking and squeaking all his favourites. He’s also very intelligent, he’s quick and eager to learn and thrives off mental stimulation to keep that anxious brain of his busy. He’s learned quite a few tricks to help in day to day life like “look at me”, sit, turn around, wait, get it, leave (sometimes anyway!!) and also knows some fun calming games like nose touches and catch the mouse.

He absolutely adores his walks. Whilst he can only be allowed off his lead in a secure field still, he just loves walks on his long line, looping round fields each morning and having the time of his life. He really prefers a quiet walk, a rural home with walks where he doesn’t have to cope with too much traffic, people, or other dogs, would be ideal for Dino. He likes a simple life with a set routine. He really struggles if he is put outside his comfort zone and needs lots of down time as well to recover from this complicated world that he is still getting used to. He will likely always need a set routine and a quiet life. He may never be a dog that can go on big long walks somewhere new or go on holidays with his family, but he doesn’t mind and he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out and actually he’s not a big fan of the car anyway so he’s happy to stay home! He will however put a huge smile on your face when you see him run free in a secure field or managing to battle some of his fears.

He has even made some close doggy friends in the past 2 years. One female family dog in particular he adores and loves playing with. He can also be walked with other dogs he knows, although he shows little interest for the most part, he is relaxed in their company. 

He’s come out of his shell a lot in the last 2 years and improved in many ways. Whilst he will always be a highly strung and somewhat hyperactive dog, coping mechanisms will help and managing his surroundings to help him live his best life is what this boy needs. 

Dino is currently being prescribed Prozac from his vets which has already helped him massively in a few short months to help with his anxiety and fear which can also lead to frustration for him. It’s helped him sleep better, something he has always struggled with and he even naps during the day now which is a big improvement for him and helps his behaviour over all (we all know we can be grumpy with no sleep!), he’s calmer in general in the house and a happier dog, his tail wags more, he’s less on guard and his attention and focus has improved too.

Dogs like Dino are more challenging than a lot of dogs, but they are also incredibly rewarding to work with and watch grow. He’s the type of dog that truly teaches you about dogs, how their minds work and so many other things you didn’t even realise you didn’t know! He needs a stable, rural home with no children and no cats. He could live as an only dog or with a submissive female after careful introductions. He needs a safe space in the house to truly call his own where he’s not disturbed by household traffic. People with experience of more challenging dogs would be very beneficial but what Dino needs most is a family who will challenge themselves to continually learn more to help improve Dino’s life. 

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