Male pointer 8yrs old

Dickie is a lovely pointer, who was abandoned by his owner because he was no longer useful for hunting. He is 8 yrs old.

Dickie seems a calm and balanced pointer, at first a little shy but soon he gains confidence and is affectionate and obedient within the shelter and wlaks well on the lead (this may be a different story when he is out on an exciting walk).

He has a spectacular bearing, he is a sociable dog and gets on well with male and female dogs. Initially he shared his kennel with another dog, with whom he gets along very well although he was somewhat greedy with food and therefore they ate separately. The other dog was adopted and Dickie was lucky enough to be offered a foster home in Spain.

The foster home say he is very calm and behaves very well, that he knows how to walk on a lead and gets along well with the dog, the cat and the child in the house (see videos)

Date of birth 02/01/2012

Dickie & Child
Dickie & Child
Dickie & Friends
Dickie & Child
Dickie & Cats

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