English Setter, 5 Years Old

Handsome Dex is a 5 year old English setter, DOB 24.06.16

Poor Dex has a slightly different history to a lot of our dogs. He has lived in a house with his owner and another dog his whole life since he was a puppy, he’s never been a hunting dog. His owner has recently changed jobs and she left him locked up in the house all day and decided she didn’t want him anymore, so he’s at the shelter now and being funded by the amazing people who donate to us.

Dex arrived at the shelter an absolute bag of nerves, and he still is, although he’s improved a little bit. They’ve found he’s better if he’s getting good walks, and the volunteer that helps says he’s well behaved on his lead.

He shares his run with another dog now and they get on great. He’s very affectionate and just a really lovely boy underneath all those nerves.

Dex looks a lot like a red and white Irish setter, but they are extremely rare in Spain and it’s much more likely he’s an English setter like his passport says, or perhaps a cross, as the Spanish setters do differ more.

Dex is looking for a home with plenty of human company and he will need a resident dog, he cannot be homed as an only dog.

Dex & Dante
Dex & Dante