English Setter, 5 Years Old

Handsome Dex is a 5 year old English setter, DOB 24.06.16 and is currently in foster in Newbury

Dex’s history is a bit different from most of the dogs we rehome. He grew up in a house with his owner and another dog in Spain, he’s never been a hunting dog. His owner changed jobs and she left him locked up in the house all day and decided she didn’t want him anymore. He arrived at the shelter an absolute bag of nerves, but soon settled and showed he was just a really lovely boy underneath all those nerves.

Dex arrived in the UK in October and unfortunately his adopters soon realised that they weren’t the right home for him. He is now in foster in Newbury where he lives with two resident dogs and with time and patience has settled extremely well and is growing with confidence daily. He is confident to cuddle with the other dogs and humans, play with his ball and has even settled in a local cafe. He is a complete cuddle monster and gets on with the two dogs he is currently living with.

Dex looks a lot like a red and white Irish setter, but they are extremely rare in Spain and it’s much more likely he’s an English setter like his passport says, or perhaps a cross, as the Spanish setters do differ more.
For Dex’s forever home he needs another resident dog and a secure garden.

Dex has not been cat tested so needs a cat free home.

Dex & Dante
Dex & Dante