Dawn is a SeBPRA trustee charity and is responsible for the co-ordination of transport for the dogs from Spain to the UK and all the associated post-Brexit paperwork.

I joined SeBPRA in March 2019 and am proud to be a trustee of the charity.  I love working with the rescuers in Spain (Tati, Conchi and Charo) who rescue these beautiful dogs, they are true heroes.

My husband Roy and I live in beautiful North Yorkshire and currently have 3 setters which we have adopted from SeBPRA ; Len, Triki (our failed foster) and Lara (Larraitz).  We also have our lovely Staffie X – Melba who rules the roost.

My addiction to English Setters started in 2002 when a friend of mine who lived in France, rescued a 6 week old pup who had been abandoned by her hunter in a skip.  We had Willow until she fell asleep aged 15.  We then started looking for another ES, but were unable to find any in the UK, that’s when we found SeBPRA.  

We adopted beautiful deaf girl Joy (7 months) in May 2018, followed by Len in July.  Triki came along in January 2019 as a foster, but when his adoption fell through, he stayed as a permanent resident.  We were heartbroken (as many of you know) when Joy suddenly passed away in February 2019. We adopted our youngest, Lara in May 2019.

We are proud to say we have fostered a few dogs, a lovely old Brittany, Lola, a gorgeous Setter, Leizuri (now with Linda in Glasgow) and more recently a middle-aged Pointer, Allegra (Negra) who is now with Andrea in Sheffield.  Fostering is so rewarding as the dogs stand a better chance of finding a new home if they are in the UK.  However, you have to be prepared to shed buckets of tears when you let them go.  

I love being part of the rescue team and hope that now we are a registered charity we can help even more dogs find their forever homes in the UK.