I’m the latest member of the SeBPRA team, joining in March this year having responded to a cry for help! I now deal with DogsBlog, Pets4Homes and completing all the documentation for our lovely dogs coming over from Spain.  My husband Roy and I currently have 3 setters which we have adopted from SeBPRA ; Len, Triki (our failed foster) and Lara (Larraitz).  

I was brought up with GSD’s, my parents having had Sheena before I was born.  I was introduced to English Setters when a friend of mine who lived in France, rescued a 6 week old pup who had been abandoned by her hunter in a skip.  We went over for a holiday and fell in love.  We had Willow until she fell asleep aged 15.  We then started looking for another ES, but couldn’t find anyin the UK. That’s when we found SeBPRA.  

We adopted beautiful deaf girl Joy (7 months) in May 2018, followed by Len in July 2018.  Triki came along in January 2019 as a foster, but when his adoption fell through, he stayed as a permanent resident.  We were heartbroken (as many of you know) when Joy suddenly passed away due to a perforated gut in February.  Our baby was, just as her name suggested, full of Joy

I am so inspired by the work that Pepe, Sarah and Tessa do, that I am proud to be part of the SeBPRA team.   I especially love being part of the privileged few who can track the dogs coming over to their new homes, and the reactions of their new families.  Some who say that they can’t sleep they are so excited, some who have been cleaning all morning for their new baby, really it’s brilliant.   I love working with Pepe, Sarah and Tessa and the wonderful rescuers in Spain (Tati, Conchi, Charo and Josefina) who rescue dogs along with doing a full time job – they are the true heroes