Gordon Setter, 2 Years Old

Dana is a stunning gordon setter of 2 years old

Dana’s hunter didn’t want her since she wasn’t cut out for hunting, she would run like crazy after the birds instead of setting and flushing.

Dana lived in a kennels with other hunting dogs and her owner used to take his visually impaired daughter there. The other dogs used to hate the poor girl and certainly won’t have been socialised with children, but Dana was always brilliant with her, letting the girl fuss her and play with her. Despite the daughter loving Dana, since she as no good as a hunting dog, they didn’t want her as a pet and companion and gave her to the shelter to get rid of her.

Dana is a fantastic dog in every way. She adores people and becomes very attached to them. She follows people and sits by their side waiting for a fuss, she’s a pure love.

She’s a very sociable dog and teaches everyone to play! She’s sharing her run with Arena. Arena doesn’t know how to play and has been bitten by dogs in the past before she arrived at the shelter. Dana is slowly teaching her how to play and Arena is coming out of her shell. She’s a great teacher and a very special girl

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