English Setter, 5 Years Old

Dana is a 5 year old English setter (DOB 06.06.16) in need of some better luck!

Dana is a gorgeous tricolour setter. She’s very small, weighing only 13.7kg. When she fills out a bit, we think she’ll weigh about 15kg at a healthy weight.

She was given to one of the shelters we work very closely with by her hunter. He had two other females, one being Dana’a daughter, and said that when he took Dana hunting, she didn’t want to run anymore, she stayed by his side and was therefore of no use to him. She arrived with a big belly so the shelter thought she must be pregnant. She also had a fever so they whisked her straight to the vets where they called the emergency vets in and immediately operated to remove a haematoma on her spleen weighing a massive 2.5kg. They had to remove her spleen which had began to necrose and was very inflamed. The size of the haematoma was incredible, a sure sign of the lack of care she received with her hunter.

Dana is recovering really well. She is shy and still somewhat scared but she is very attached to people, she feels protected by your side and follows people around, making sure you’re never out of sight!

She’s very playful and loves to run and play with other dogs. She’s good with males and females in her foster home and learns very fast too

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