Female GWP around 2yrs old

Daga is a beautiful 2 yr old female GWP, date of birth 11/3/2019.

Daga is a magnificent dog, she seems well balanced, she has quite a strong character and is usually calm, at home she is very well behaved. Out walking we would expect her hunting instinct and activity levels to increase as she gains confidence.

Daga adores people, she has a massive yearn for human attention and she is extremely affectionate. In foster this did cause problems as the existing dogs did not want Daga getting all the attention. Daga is also protective of her food and should be fed separately. However in most circumstances Daga gets on very well with male and female dogs, she is also very playful and loves to play with other young dogs.

Daga was found in truly awful conditions and many of you will have seen the appeal we put out for her, and many of you have given money to help towards her rescue and treatment. Daga’s owner had died, and when a relative went to the farm they found several animals in awful conditions, including Daga chained up outside. Over the years her chain collar had become embedded in her skin and so someone had put a second one around her neck to use instead without removing the first one. It was truly horrific.

After the vet dressed her wounds Daga went into foster with Charo, who helps run AELA, while her wounds were healing up and she adapted well to family life.

So far Daga does not seem as active nor as biddable as some GWP, but this may change with time. It is clear that she has been chained up for most of her life so far and this may be why she is not yet as active as some.

Please do read up on GWPs if you are thinking of applying, they are wonderful active and intelligent dogs with strong prey drive, they do have the most beguiling of faces but they are not just a teddy bear.

Daga, Ray with Fabian

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