Pointer, 4 Years Old

Curro male Pointer 4yrs old
Curro is a really handsome pointer. He was left by his owner in the shelter because he was no longer wanted. His physique is impressive, his head is larger than other pointers in this part of northern part of Spain. The shelter vet said that he looks like some of the show pointers, although we think that Curro has been used for hunting. He is not a nervous dog, but calm and at the moment walks very well on the lead (although this may change as he gains confidence). He is somewhat shy at first, probably because of his previous life, but he is a lovely dog. He is a sociable dog with male and female dogs, with people he is affectionate and also quite obedient.
He has been cat tested and you can see the video in this album. 

Date of birth 15/8/2015