English Setter, 1 Years Old

UPDATE: Cuqui arrives in UK foster on the 30th October

Cuqui is a lovely young setter, DOB 22.05.20

Cuqui has quite the little story! He was seen wondering in several towns in Cantabria and was finally caught by some kind people who were passing him on the road. They managed to track down his owners on social media and reunited them. Sadly for Cuqui, they hadn’t missed him and as soon as he was home, they let him go again… The next time he was roaming, he was picked up and taken to the pound. The owners were contacted again but to release him from the pound, they had to pay for his microchip and rabies vaccine which are required in the pounds (and also very inexpensive in Spain). They didn’t want to pay anything to get him back and that’s where Cuqui’s luck started to change since it meant a rescue could step in and take him in so he can find a home he deserves.

He’s an impressive boy. The shelter say he’s a real beauty and very elegant. He’s very affectionate. He’s arrived at the shelter very thin so he’s obsessed with food at the moment, not that we blame him after all that roaming!

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