Pups 4 mnths old




These pups have been handed into the shelter as they are unwanted excess puppies. The are about 12 weeks old in the photos and will travel to uk at about 16-20wks old. Their date of birth is estimated as 25/04/2022.

These pups cheerful, confident, active, playful pups. We expect when fully grown they will be smaller than a brittany, with less prey drive, small active dogs with outgoing personalities.

Adina, female, black and white with tail

Ariel, female, liver and white with tail

Arista, female, liver and white with tail

They may be compact in size, but they make up for that in character, they are really active and playful pups, with lots of energy, they love the company of dogs and are very affectionate with people. They have lived in kennels all their lives so far, so they have missed out on the usual puppy socialisation, they will be scared of new things and adopters will have to work at socialising them through their teenage and early adulthood. Please do read our blog on rescued and un-socialised pups.

Please note that because of the age at which the pups travel they will not be spayed, we do insist adopters neuter the pups as soon as advised by their vets.

These pups come from an unscrupulus breeder near the shelter, they regularly breed too many pups and throw away the excess. We have taken on pups from previous litters and we have offered to neuter the adult dogs, but sadly they will not allow it. Some of you will remember the previous pups we have helped from there over the years.. Kinder, Billy & Maya, Jill Bosley & Kelly, Alice & Bella, Biscuit Chincheta Miranda Perla & Yogi. These pups have grown into intelligent, active, small or medium sized dogs, ideal for agility or flyball. A couple of these older dogs have been DNA tested and show a real mixed ancestry including gun dogs (Spanish water dog, Brittany, cocker spaniel, pointer), poodles, toy dogs, terriers and even chihuahua.

We are looking for active homes who can cope with full on puppies and adopters that want lively, intelligent dogs (no cats unless they are big and tough).

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