Crate, Cage or Prison?

Crates have become increasingly popular in the UK and it’s a topic we often get asked about during the adoption process.

They tend to polarise opinions: whilst hugely popular in America, in countries such as Australia and some European countries, crates are considered a big no-no. In Finland, dog crates are even considered a form of animal cruelty and are illegal.

The dogs we help have often lived their whole lives behind bars. They have been attacked by other dogs and not been able to escape, they’ve been backed into corners and beaten, and their hunter owners have even cleaned out their cages, with a jet wash, with them still inside. Now put them in a cage in your living room, kitchen or utility room and tell them to feel safe there… would you?

Whilst some nervous or scared dogs can find an open den comforting, we don’t advocate crates for most dogs. In the link below, PETA explains why we should stop crating dogs and help stop animal abuse.