Male Setter Collie cross 2yrs old

Cooper is a gorgeous young setter – collie cross, just two years old, date of birth 1/4/2019.

Cooper came across to the UK in Feb 2020, he has had a wonderful year living with a young family but sadly he finds this life too stressful and despite all their hard work and training, we all agree he would be happier and safer in a quieter home.

The adopter says…

“We have been so very lucky to have spent the last year with Cooper, and are absolutely heartbroken that we are having to say goodbye. He is incredibly intelligent, easily trainable and so much fun. He is loving and cheeky, and can still be very puppy-like in some ways. His recall is very good (especially if you have cheese!), he enjoys 2 off-lead walks every day and is so polite with other dogs and people (including children) when we’re out on walks.

“He loves to run (Cani-cross style or off the lead running cross-country) and we have loved exploring woods, fields, beaches and rivers with him. He can be left for several hours without a problem, and sleeps downstairs without us hearing a peep from him at night time. He is fully house trained and we have no problems with resource guarding in the house at all. He is a gorgeous smiley boy, and we always get a big toothy smile when we return from being out without him.

“Having said all of that, he is an anxious boy, and we have worked hard over the year with a behaviourist on several worries, including kitchen noises, people walking past outside, unknown men, people coming into the house or garden, and at times his own reflections. He is very anxious around roads and cars, tending to lunge at them which means we invariably drive somewhere to enable him to run off the lead rather than walk any distance on a lead.

“On occasion his anxiety has presented as aggression, which is why we are having to make this heartbreaking decision as we have two small children. Overall he has been amazing with the children and they have been an inseparable gang during our countryside explorations, but I do think he finds it stressful being around them all day as he struggles to settle if they are playing in the house.

“He is a fabulous companion, and whilst we are so incredibly sad to be taking this step, we want the best thing for him, which we feel is a life with a bit less stress than we can offer him at the moment.”

We are looking for a quiet rural home for Cooper with no children or cats. He adores canicross style running and would make a wonderful, intelligent companion for the right person.

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