GSP, 18 Months Old

Can anybody help this handsome chap?

Coffee is a really lovely young dog, everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is a very affectionate loving boy who is eager to learn. He loves a cuddle, craves human company and loves to play tug & fetch. He is clean in the house and sleeps well at night. Outside he has a strong prey drive and like any young pointer his recall will need some work.

Coffee was found disorientated and thin in the middle of a road in central Spain and was picked up by the police. While in the pound he was attacked by another dog and badly bitten on his leg. A kind girl stepped in to save him and he went into foster with a lovely family with dogs for several months.

We then advertised him and found him a great home in the UK with dogs and cats… sadly Coffee proved to be difficult with cats and we were asked to rehome him. He was then adopted by a lovely couple with a young friendly, bouncy wirehaired Viszla. He found this environment stressful and didn’t like being jumped over and pushed around and his fear of dogs began to grow after already being attacked in his shelter so again, we were asked to rehome poor Coffee.

Happily Coffee was able to go back to the foster home where he had been before and has settled back in well. He is living with a male and female dog and doing really well, sleeps snuggled up with them and loves to play and go on walks with them. Equally, we think he would do well as an only dog since he often sleeps downstairs on his own at night and hasn’t shown any signs of separation anxiety in his foster home.

He is still unsure of unknown dogs due to his past experiences. Working with dogs like Coffee to overcome their fears so that they are able to enjoy life to the full can be incredibly rewarding and gives you an incredibly strong bond.

We are looking for an experienced adopter or somebody with the time and patience to help Coffee overcome his fears and provide him with the stable and loving home he deserves.

DOB 4/10/2017