Chusa 3yr female Brittany

Chusa is a young female Brittany born 21/6/2017

Chusa is a gorgeous active young Brittany, she is very small in size, just 12kg currently. She was handed to the shelter by a hunter who no longer wanted her.

Chusa is very active and has a wonderful nature, she loves the company of other dogs and gets on with all the dogs in the shelter very well. She is very affectionate with people and seems quite obedient, although that would no doubt change on an interesting walk.

Chusa approaches people in a very submissive and sweet manner, and asks to be stroked. She loves to run and play and we are looking for a home with another friendly dog.

When travelling in the car she has been very well behaved and even seems to walk well on the lead, although this will probably change as she grows in confidence.

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