English Setter, 14 Years Old

Chester is a lovely 14 year old setter, DOB 05.09.2007

Argos and Chester came from the same hunter who no longer wanted them due to their age. We have been able to help them thanks to the kind people who donate to us monthly and everyone helping us fundraise via SeBPRAthon!

The two grandfathers have wonderful characters. They are calm and obedient. They are sociable with male and female dogs in the shelter and share their run with Simba, the 3 oldies get on really well together.

Chester and Argos are magnificent boys, they are docile and loving with people. 

We believe Chester has osteoarthritis in his hind legs, typical of his age. He’s looking for a quiet home where he can potter around freely and go for walks at his own pace and distance and finally learn what it’s like to experience love for what time he has left

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