English Setter, 1 Year Old

Cantabro is an elegant young male English Setter, just one year old, his date of birth is 25/11/20. Like most of the dogs we help in Spain, Cantabro was surplus and so his hunter handed him into a shelter to get rid of him.

The handsome Cantabro (now Zephyr) arrived in the UK 6 weeks ago, unfortunately due to changes in family circumstance’s his adopters have made the difficult decision that they can no longer give him the home he needs. 

He currently lives in North Yorkshire as an only dog, although he would be able to live with other dogs. There is also a cat in his current home although he’s still very much learning manners where the cats concerned so any homes wishing to adopt him would need to have a very dog savvy cat. 
This beautiful boy is a typical setter – affectionate, energetic and needs a lot of work on recall.

Zephyr is still adjusting to life in a home so loud noises are still scary, and he needs some continued work with toilet-training. But he would be a wonderful addition to any family who have the time to dedicate to him. 

Here’s what his adopters have to say about him:

“Zephyr came to us 6 weeks ago.  When we picked him up he was scared, nervous and didn’t know that he was being brought into a loving family.
The Zephyr that is here now is a totally different dog to the one that was brought over on the van those weeks ago.  He is a loving, caring dog that absolutely loves to give cuddles.  The trouble with that is that he doesn’t have a stop switch so any time is cuddle time as far as he is concerned! Try getting your shoes on when there is a setter sat pressing on your feet!
He loves walks, running around a secure compound and chasing swallows and swifts, one memorably time being so intent on catching one he didn’t see the fence until it was too late.  He tries to have staring contests with pigeons but, to be honest, pigeons don’t really care about doing that so it’s a lost cause. Take him for a long walk and you’d swear he’s gone deaf by the time you are getting near the end as he ignores everything you say!
On the plus side he is really quick to learn, especially if that learning means he gets a treat! He loves bacon flavoured treats and will join you for dinner, whatever you are eating.”

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