English Setter, 1 Year Old

Cantabro is an elegant young male English Setter, just one year old, his date of birth is 25/11/20.

Cantabro is a very handsome setter, sadly he is one of the many excess setters given up by hunters every year.

Cantabro is extremely affectionate with people and very friendly, always looking for cuddles and caresses, he would love to be with his humans all day long. He might work well as an only dog with lots of human company.

Cantabro is a very active young dog, he loves to run in the enclosure. He arrived at the shelter rather thin, he was very anxious to find food and keen to protect it from other dogs. However he is settling in well and is getting less anxious around food as he begins to trust that it will arrive every day. He should however be fed separately initially.