Female cross 1 year old

Canela (which means Cinnamon in Spanish) is a lovely young female dog, just over a year old (date of birth 15/1/20).

Canela had been found pregnant at around nine months old and someone had given her shelter in an abandoned house, the woman managed to find homes for most of the pups once they were weaned and she then asked the shelter to take the young mum and her remaining pup, Rufus. It seems awful that such a young dog became a mum, but sadly that is the reality in Spain where so few dogs are neutered.

Canela is obviously a mixture of breeds, she is a gorgeous looking mid sized young dog, the shelter think she has some Brittany in her because of her body shape and no tail. Her son Rufus has obvious Brittany looks too.

Canela is very nervous initially with people, although she is desperate for affection and wants to be close to people. She has never shown any aggression despite her awful start in life and the fact that she has clearly missed out on normal socialisation. She will need a home with another friendly confident dog and adopters with time and patience to watch her blossom.

She will no doubt grow into an active and affectionate companion, she will need the company of friendly dogs at home and she might take well to agility, flyball or canicross.

Canela & Rufus her son

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