English Setter, < 1 Year Old

Callie is a charming small setter from the Basque Country, another dog not wanted by her hunter. The vets have estimated she’s about 9 months old (DOB December 2020)

She is a very sweet girl but she’s quite shy when she doesn’t know people. Her behaviour completely changes when she is around other dogs though, she absolutely adores them and gains a lot of confidence from being with them. She’s currently sharing her run with Zorro and they get on really well together

The poor girl is scared of a lead so the shelter think she must have been mistreated and beaten with one so she needs a patient adopter who can introduce her to a lead slowly before taking her on walks and lovely adventures.

She is gaining confidence more and more and becoming really affectionate with people

She does have a callous on her hip which the vet believes is either from where she’s been lying on hard floorer rubbing it against the wall on her run or similar. Callouses like this are relatively common, although usually on elbows and tails, and heal up in their own time.

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