Buddy 2 yr old male Brittany

Buddy is a really special boy, he is a 2yr old Brittany who was left abandoned on a house after his family moved on. He is scared at times, but never shows any aggression.

Buddy is a beautiful Brittany, cheerful and energetic, although somewhat shy if he doesn’t know you, he shares kennel with a hound named Roma with whom he plays all day long. Buddy would love a home with a friendly young dog, a playmate and companion to show him the way.

Buddy gets on well with all dogs and people, but he is fearful initially, which is understandable after being abandoned..

Buddy loves to run in the outside paddock and seems quite obedient, although of course that could all change when out for a walk with exciting smells etc

Date of birth 15/07/18

Buddy & Roma
Buddy & Txispas
Buddy & Cat

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