Bruton 2 yr old male Brittany

Bruton is a very handsome 2yr old male Brittany.

Bruton is a gorgeous young dog, he is playful and affectionate, and when he looks at you with those eyes, Tati says you just fall in love.

Bruno has hip dysplasia and soon after he arrived it was clear he had pain in one hip and so he was operated on.  The vet removed the head of the femur in the hip which was giving him pain, and the other hip seems not to bother him so was left complete. He has is fully recovered from the surgery and now he doesn’t stop still, he runs, plays, jumps … he’s a lovely crazy thing. Great with other dogs and affectionate with people.

Bruton can live a full life despite his hip dysplasia but adopters should know how to manage this so he isn’t doing long periods of strenuous exercise, but can rest if he needs and has regular moderate amunts of exercise, joint supplements may also help.

Bruton is very affectionate with people but a little shy at first, he gains loads of confidence when he is with other dogs, so we will only rehome him to a home with another friendly and playful dog (or we can send him with a friend).

Bruton is not suitable for canicross, flyball or agility, but he is suitable as a handsome and loving companion who would enjoy moderate walks, being taught tricks and other canine enrichment.

Date of birth 02/12/2018

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