Brittany pups travel at 4 months old

THANK YOU WE HAVE ENOUGH APPLICATIONS. Interviews will be this week and if any dogs are still available we will ask for more applications then.

We have a wonderful group of Brittany puppies in foster in Spain, they are from two litters bred by hunters, and these are the excess pups. As sadly often happens the pups were taken from their mums quite early, around six weeks, so they will need lots of socialisation and training, and they will grow up to be active, intelligent dogs. The pups will travel to the uk at around 4 months old, they will be vaccinated, microchipped etc but not neutered at that age, we ask that you do this at a suitable age.

Brittanys are wonderful, intelligent, biddable dogs, they have fantastic natures and they are very active, they love to be with their family and they love a job to do. They often excel in agility and flyball. If you wish to apply please read up about this breed first.

The pups are from a leish endemic area and should be monitored for leish from one year old. Read more here.

Litter 1 Date of birth 16th July 2020

Bryn – male very handsome liver and white with white stripe on face, naturally tailess. Bryn is very sweet natured, affectionate, playful, he loves to playbite, gets on well with all, a little more timid than some of them. RESERVED

Dandy – male, gorgeous liver and white with docked tail. Dandy is more independent, sometimes takes himself off on his own, also very playful and very affectionate, doesn’t play bite quite as much as the others, cheeky and clever, loves to run off in the opposite direction and then hide under a car so you can’t put him in the puppy run! RESERVED

Billie – male orange and white with docked tail, Billie is very sweet-natured, quite unassuming, more timid but also affectionate, playful, gets on well with all. For Billie we are looking for a home with another young playful dog for company and to help his confidence. RESERVED

Litter 2 Date of birth 30th July 2020

Mickey – male orange and white with full tail. Mickie is big and bold, he is very playful, and is sometimes pushy with the others, very affectionate, loves loves people, adventurous and confident.

Minnie – female orange and white with full tail. Minnie is larger than life, extremely bright, the first to work out how to push open the gate to the puppy run, really adores people, barges up to you and demands attention, loves to playbite, loves to hang off trousers, good-natured with the other pups, more vocal than the others, lets you know if she’s not happy with something. RESERVED