Brittany pups will travel at 4 months

These three beautiful Brittany pups have just arrived at the shelter. They will travel to UK once they are over 15wks.

Brittanys are wonderful, intelligent, biddable dogs, they have fantastic natures and they are very active, they love to be with their family and they love a job to do. They often excel in agility and flyball. If you wish to apply please read up about this breed first.

Date of birth 04/08/2020

Jill is a beautiful liver/orange/white tricolour female with docked tail. She is very playful and affectionate. RESERVED

Kelly is a gorgeous live and white female pup with docked tail. She too is playful and affectionate. RESERVED

Bosley is black and white with orange eyebrows tricolour boy with full length tail. He is the mischievous one of the pack, but is also playful and affectionate. RESERVED

Bosley, Jill, Kelly, Tarek & Ares
Bosley, Jill , Kelly & Tarek
Bosley, Jill & Kelly

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