English Setter, 3 Years Old

Brenda, English female setter, 3 years old date of birth: 09/12/2016. 

Brenda is a beautiful young setter, she is affectionate, but very scared at the moment.

Her previous owner left her because he was not able to give her enough exercise and training, he did not have time and he considers that the dog needs someone who can dedicate more activity. He says Brenda was very affectionate with him but with the people she did not know she was afraid. She is now in a good shelter and is doing really well. She is still very afraid but the other dogs help her confidence and she seems much happier with dog company than if she were alone. Despite her fear it is obvious that she loves to be made a fuss of and stroked, she is a very loving dog, she is also very active her and gets along well with all the dogs.