English Setter, 5 Years Old

Brenda is a lovely 5 year old English Setter, currently in Perth, DOB 10.07.16

Sadly Brenda and Brisa’s adoption hasn’t worked out and we’re looking for new homes for them. We think they’d do best separated to allow them to develop their confidence instead of sharing their fears. They will both need a confident resident dog to help them in their new homes.

Both girls are absolutely beautiful and full of love. They’re extreme cuddlers and happiest watching birds in the garden in true working setter style! They love snuffling and finding treats and adore a free run in the secure field their adopters take them to.

Brenda loves to chew on her antler, just like Brisa. Brenda is good on her lead and, as long as prepared with a pocket full of tasty healthy treats, she keeps on track and doesn’t pull too much, she’s doing really well with her training.

Both girls will come to their names and sit for a treat. They will show their tummy for lots of tummy rubs and one of their favourite past times is to watch the world go by from the window.

They’re both doing great with toilet training although this will need some more work, and have good house manners, ignoring the post man and the doorbell! They eat well and don’t steal each other’s food.

They are happy to be handled, washed and brushed and love lots of attention!

Sadly, despite their adopters best efforts and determination, they’ve come to the agonising decision that they are not the right adopters for the girls. Brenda lacks a lot of confidence in certain areas, and sadly that has began to rub off on Brisa too, making the situation harder to manage. Brenda has always been wary of new people, she struggles with people in the house and the coming and going of a family of 5. She is worried of certain people and, although the adopters have had success with training, she needs a lot more work in this area yet in order to allow her to thrive in a home environment. She is however ok with new dogs on walks.

Brenda is looking for a quiet, child free home with the experience to help her or the ability to help her gain confidence and settle. She will need a confident resident dog and adopters who can manage her world while she finds her feet, however long that might be for. A rural home would be beneficial. Brenda is not cat tested so we are looking for a cat free home.

We will consider a joint adoption for the girls but only with experienced adopters who can train the dogs separately in order to help them overcome their fears

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