Bonded pair 9 & 10yrs old

Branca and Fudge are two wonderful dogs. Branca was adopted from us about 4 years ago and Fudge has been her buddy ever since. They have lived in a very loving household and been trained to a high standard.

Heartbreakingly, their adopter is terminally ill. No-one ever thought the situation would arise that these two would be rehomed as they had such a wonderful life, but very sadly they do now need a new loving home. We can’t do much to help in the grand scheme of things, but if we can find these dogs a home together so she can see them settled, it would mean the world to us and the adopter.

Branca is a gorgeous 10 year old English setter. She’s an absolute superstar, a registered PAT dog who’s visited lots of patients in care homes, always bringing a smile to their faces. She loves a cuddle at home and a trot on the beach too. She’s a very happy girl, great with everybody and a total sweetheart. She’s got some hip dysplasia which is managed with meds now she’s a bit older but otherwise in great shape and still enjoys her daily walks. Branca is the ‘unicorn’ rescue setter: she’s easy going, not prey driven, walks well on her lead and happy with everybody and everything.

The very handsome Fudge is 9 years old. He’s obsessed with cuddles! He loves to cosy up at home and will lick you to death if given the chance!! This former Flyball dog also adores balls of course and will happily play fetch for as long as you’ll let him. He can be uneasy with strange dogs on walks and nervous of strangers entering the home, he will be very likely to bark loudly until he gets to know them and then once he knows them he will absolutely love them. His adopter has put in a lot of work, he now happily walks past dogs as long as they don’t get in his face and crowd him, and he will play around dogs he knows well too. He is very sensitive and very clever, he needs a gentle and understanding adopter to bring out the best in him. He really is a star and at 9, he’s still so much fun and has lots of adventures left in him! He’s a clever cookie, absolute adores any brain games and figures them out really quickly. He’s got good recall, especially if he’s playing with his ball!

Fudge and Branca have both lived with cats. They’re well behaved in the house and love a good snooze after their walk. They are currently in kennels in Lincolnshire.

We are not going to split this pair up.

Their ideal home would be a rural home with somebody around most of the day as they are used to and love human company, perhaps a retired couple.

Branca’s date of birth is 20/7/2011, Fudge’s date of birth 26/12/2012.

The adoption fee for the pair will be £595

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