English Setter, 3 Years Old

UPDATE: Pas (now Bracken) travelled to the UK for foster in June and is now looking for his forever home. He’s currently in Devon. This is what his foster mum says:

“Pas (we call him Bracken) is the fluffiest, most affectionate dog I’ve ever met. He’s at his happiest when he’s being scratched on his chest, neck and behind his ears. If you dare to stop, he’ll nudge you with his nose or, more recently, his paw. 

In the house, he is a little shadow, happily trotting after you wherever you go. He loves to sleep and has a surprisingly loud snore! He adores toys and pounces after anything you throw like a kitten. He doesn’t bring it right back, but stands away from the toy when he’s ready for you to throw it again. Since he’s been with us, he’s learnt how to share toys with our resident dog. 

He really likes company and would be best with someone who works from home. When you have left him for a few minutes to put out the rubbish or when you get up in the morning, he’s so delighted to see you. He doesn’t just wag his tail; he wags his whole body! He has become comfortable around household noises like radios, vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. He is a music lover and happily sleeps through trombone lessons and clarinet practise! When he arrived, he was terrified of cars, but he’s now very confident with them. 

He’s picked up toileting outside beautifully and has been clean since day 2. He’s learnt the concept of last wee of the night now, rather than just lying on the grass or trying to get an extra chest rub. He’s a good eater and is currently on raw. However, he does love bread and will take any that is left unguarded on the edge of the kitchen counter. 

He loves birds and butterflies and will chase them around the garden. 

He’s much more comfortable around women and my children (both girls) but is now accepting affection from my partner. He gets on really well with my young dog, but isn’t yet comfortable playing with him. He seems to prefer watching him get into mischief, trotting behind wagging his tail. I think he would be happiest with a calmer, submissive dog who is happy to give him space and time. 

Pas’s wary of dogs he meets on walks. If they run up to him, he retreats behind my legs. If they approach calmly, he’ll have a sniff and then want to move on. He gets uncomfortable when they try and play so an owner would need to watch his body language and help him leave stressful situations. 

On walks he can walk reasonably well on a lead and harness. We let him run on a 15 metre long lead and when he’s relaxed, he tends to run in a long circle then come over for a cuddle. If he’s anxious, he will go into work mode a stop listening and feeling for the long lead. He loves running free in a secure field. 

Pas needs an owner who is willing to take their time to build his confidence. At the moment, we don’t walk him every day. If he’s had a stressful encounter or met several new people in one day, he may need a day to get over it. In those cases, sleeping, playing with toys and sniffing out kibble build back his confidence.  He’s much easier to walk in a place he knows as he tends to become overwhelmed in new places and go into work mode. 

Anyone lucky enough to adopt Pas, will have a loving friend for life.”

Background: Pas is a 2 year old English Setter, DOB 14.07.18

Pas is a spectacular boy. He’s ended up in the shelter as his hunter says he’s not good at his job, but he’s actually from a working breeder, his full name is Pas de Punta Ballota, he’s a posh boy!

The shelter say he’s a really beautiful dog. He’s a little shy at first when he doesn’t know people but he immediately gains confidence and is so sweet and friendly.

He’s on his own at the shelter at the moment since he’s just arrived and is due to be neutered but he does go out to the enclosed run with another setter, Tom, and they get along really well. Pas loves to run like a typical setter and is looking for an active home. He loves his food and adores chasing butterflies outside!

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