English Setter, 6 Years Old

Bill is a very handsome 6 year old, DOB 15/04/14

He arrived at the shelter quite scared and it took him a while to adapt to shelter life but he seems to have it figured out now. He gets on well with other dogs and he is very affectionate with people

He loves to be outside in the enclosed area and he’s constantly sniffing around, enjoying all the smells. It’s possible he will have the typical challenging setter recall

Dog’s of Bill’s age can be overlooked and become invisible. Whilst Bill is only 6, he doesn’t tick the right boxes for people looking for a young dog but this age of dog also doesn’t get the sympathy vote that some of the older dogs get and he’s still too active for people hoping for a quieter dog who doesn’t need as much exercise. Bill still has plenty of life left in him since working setters don’t slow down and tend to age well (compared to show type setters) and is looking for a home he can spend many more happy years in!

He’s looking for a home that can cope with challenging recall and give him adequate exercise, and ideally with a resident dog.

Bill & Laika
Bill & Friends

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