Pointer cross, 2 Year Old

Hey! I’m Ben! Can I come to live with you? Am I jumping the gun? Ok, let me tell you about me first but I promise you’ll love me!

I was rescued from a really horrible pound. I didn’t like it there at all, it’s the type of place that dogs can die from disease or getting into dog fights. Thankfully a UK rescue offered to help me and took me out and I thought my luck was about to change and got really excited for a second. Then they found out I had leishmaniasis, they got scared and didn’t want to help me anymore and I was so so sad! Lucky for me, my rescuer has kept me so I am still one of the fortunate ones but I really need to find a home soon so she can help other dogs. She’s having to pay for me to stay in kennels out of her own money and I feel really guilty I’m costing her so much money… She managed to find some other people to help me and that’s where we are now!

The people helping me find a home now say my condition was caught quickly and isn’t actually as scary as the other people thought it was, that was quite a relief! I’ve already got it under control with the help of my rescuer and I honestly wouldn’t know I had it if somebody hadn’t told me! The people at SeBPRA say it’s easy to treat and they’ll help my new UK adopter to manage it because they know a lot of people aren’t used to it there.

Anyway, enough about the boring stuff! I’m a bit shy at first but if you look at the photos of me at the pound, you can probably understand why… They didn’t treat me nicely there but I’m really trusting anyway and once I get to know people I really really love them! Who knew people could be so great?! I’m glad I gave them another chance, I just hope I find somebody to give me a chance now too.

This is Ben, he was in a horrible pound and was saved the day before he was due to be put to sleep by a kind girl we work with. Another UK rescue offered to help him and cover his kenneling costs but he tested positive to Leishmaniasis and the UK rescue pulled out and the rescuer was left with him. Leishaniasis is a horrible disease and very devastating for dogs if left untreated but in Ben’s case it was caught early and is now under control and he just needs inexpensive meds and 6 montly and then annual tests which cost about £130 each. Dogs like Ben have normal life expectancies and quality of life. We have rehomed quite a lot of dogs wtih controlled Leishmaniasis like Ben and they are all fit and well in the UK.

Ben is a sweety, he’s timid initially but affectionate when he gets to know people. He’s good with other dogs and seemed fine with cats in a cat test.

He is a small pointer cross, maybe a pointer Brittany cross.

Ben & Cat
Ben & Friends