English Setter, 6 Years Old

UPDATE: Very sadly, Bella is looking for a new home. Her family are absolutely heart broken but are forced to move house due to their landlord selling their home and with the additional needs of their young daughter, they are sadly very limited on where they can move. They have tried their hardest to find somewhere that accepts their pets with no luck. Bella urgently needs to find a home or foster home before the end of June and is currently based in Bures on the Essex/Suffolk border

Bella is now 6 years old (DOB December 2017) and has lived in her current home since November 2021. She’s an average size female working setter at around 18kg. She’s wonderful with children, currently living with a 5 year old and 18 month old and is perfectly settled at home, snoozing most of the day inbetween walks. She adores people, even those she hasn’t met before, and loves to make friends with anybody she can given the opportunity meaning she also loves visiting the vets, groomers and dog sitters!

She travels well and loves to visit secure fields where she can run and run off lead as much as she wants or she’s also walked on a long line to give her some freedom.

Bella has lived both with other dogs and on her own and gets on well with males and females so she could go to a home as an only dog or to live with resident dogs

HISTORY: Bella is a very charming girl. Despite the fact she is very scared of her lead, she is confident in the shelter and really good with other dogs. She appears to be a confident and well balanced girl in every other aspect so we wonder if she has simply never had to wear a lead before.

Bella is a 4 year old English setter

Bella is a very sociable and playful dog. She shares her run with another setter and they have a ball together. She’s also very affectionate with people too.

She’s a very active girl, like most working setters, but she can get quite restless. At the moment, she is extremely scared of having a lead on. She needs a patient family who can find other ways to keep her stimulated while working with her to overcome her fears of her lead so she can start to enjoy her walks, but in her own time