I was searching for a companion for my female Springer Spaniel Ruby. We had lost our beloved Chester suddenly and it had really affected Ruby in so many ways, as much as we thought it was too soon, Ruby had never been on her own and was ageing quickly. 

Bee had been in a few foster homes after he had arrived in England as it was unfortunate the lady who was to have him had an injury and couldn’t keep him. We fetched Bee from a lovely lady who had fostered him for a few weeks, she was an experienced Brittany owner and gave us some good advice.

Bee fitted in straight away, he is such a cuddle monster and Ruby took to him too. I was expecting to keep them separated for a few nights but there was no need, both went to bed in the one basket in the utility room. I took a few days off work to get Bee settled but didn’t want to long off as we both work and needed him to get used to being left. We were going to keep visitors with other dogs to a minimum but we didn’t need to he was lovely. He even made friends with our evil cat Jazmin, he’s mellowed her too.
Bee hasn’t been a greedy dog which I expected and eats with Ruby and Jazmin at set times so again just slotted in. 

When we first had Bee I knew he was a hunters dog but never realised he would rush into the garden a kill birds and bring them to me. It wasn’t messy, I have managed to stop him doing this quickly as he’s realised I didn’t like it.

We made one big mistake expecting Bee to be house trained. When we first had him it was lovely weather and the doors were open always, if we used to see him cock his leg we would rush him outside. Then the winter came and we just didn’t read him right and expected him to go longer than normal. So we went back to basics every few hours up and out even if it is raining. As soon as we had Bee my husband clipped his hair to my shock with no problem. 

In the short time we’ve had Bee he’s become a well travelled dog stopping in Airbnb’s, Caravans and friends homes for the weekends. Long journeys in the car haven’t fazed him which has been great as we expected a little trouble especially as he was a hunters dog.

People often say Bee is a jealous dog as if I fuss Ruby he pushes in. I don’t believe he is as there would be some aggression which there never has been. I think Bee just doesn’t want you to forget he is there and he loves us so much and everyone and anyone!

We are lucky to live near woods which Bee loves to walk. It taken a long while to trust Bee off the lead completely and I still wouldn’t in strange places. We are now at the stage of letting him off on a familiar route so he comes back regularly to check me and Ruby are ok. Occasionally if Bee can’t find us, can’t hear us? Or gets spooked he makes it home himself and we have found him at the side of the house. Recently the Iceland van man has let him on our drive then rang me to say he is safe. It’s since happened with my neighbours too so my next step is to train him to the whistle as I’m sure he sometimes gets panicky and rushes home! Bee isn’t a perfect but what dog is? I did expect to have to work with loads of problems being a rescue dog from a hunter but have been presently surprised. 

Bees best quality, he’s always wanting a cuddle and is so happy and loving. Bee is a lovely family member who has prolonged Ruby’s life by keeping her company and young.